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Updated: 17 August 2012

Many workers in the mining industry are employees and don't require public liability, but for everyone else this form of insurance is a must.

As a contractor or business owner (or anyone not employed on wages) you are financially responsible for your own actions. If things go wrong, you can be liable for a lot of money.

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Public liability insurance can help you by taking care of the financial costs you may incur as a result of property damage or personal injury that you cause to another person.

Who Needs Public Liability?

Virtual all mining companies and sites will have requirements that anyone working under their own ABN has public liability insurance in place.

If you are an employee on wages you will be covered by your employer's insurance, but if not you will need your own public liability.

In most cases the company paying for your services will let you know what the insurance requirements are. Typically for anyone working on a mine site you will require at least $10 or $20 million.

What Is Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is a form of insurance which protects you and your business from the financial impacts of causing property damage or personal injury to another person.

Ordinarily you or your business would be liable for these costs, but with the right public liability policy you can rely on the insurance company to cover the costs, provided of course that the event is covered by your policy.

A public liability policy won't cover every single event that could occur on a mine site, however it will cover many of the risks that workers face in mining and non-mining areas in terms of causing damage or loss to others.

Public Liability for Miners

Workers in the mining industry as well as those who find themselves on mine sites occasionally will find that public liability insurance is not easy to come by.

Mine sites are regarded by the insurance companies as high risk locations, and therefore many of the mainstream insurance companies will refuse cover for miners and associated workers.

Thankfully there are specialist insurers out there who will cover mine work. This includes business types from diesel mechanics through to electricians.

The cost of public liability insurance for any worker on a mine site will be more expensive than for the same trade for a non-mine worker. You could just not tell the insurer about the mining work, however you will have your claim denied if this is the case, so it's definitely not a good idea!

Insurance Quotes

Many trade workers can obtain quotes for public liability insurance online or over the phone, but due to the nature of mining work this is not possible for workers on mine sites.

In many cases the average suburban insurance broker will not be able to assist you if you are a miner or work on mine sites. This doesn't mean you can't get cover, but it does mean you need to deal with a specialist.

Here at Underground Insurance we specialise in miners insurance and have access to a network of insurance specialists who can assist you with quotes and services on public liability.

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